I regard architecture not only as the way to make life more comfortable but also as an opportunity to open horizons to a better future where we can live in harmony and peace. Architecture in my opinion has to be simple, clear and unconstrained. It has to follow common rules of natural harmony when the shape follows the purpose, and when the beauty itself is the purpose. Looking at the nature we can learn its principles we should implement on the right way.
2013 – present / Residential community in Mistolovo
Saint Petersburg, Russia (under construction)
2012-2015 / Private house in Roschino
Saint Petersburg, Russia
2015-2016 / Private house in Lampovo
Saint Petersburg region, Russia
2014 / Private house in Vsevolozhsk
Saint Petersburg, Russia
2014 / Private house in Simagino
Saint Petersburg region, Russia
2009-2011 / Private houses
Hammerfest, Norway
2000-2006 / Dwelling houses and public buildings
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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